About Us

An established Mechanical Contractor headquartered outside of Sarnia in Brigden, Ontario with over 40 years of experience. 


Our Main Fabrication shop has over 25,000 square feet  and an additional 24,000 of material storage and is located in Brigden, 10 minutes to Dawn Compressor/Tecumseh Gas and within a 20-minute drive of the Chemical Valley.

The main shop is a drive-through style with two 10-ton and two 15-ton capacity overhead cranes for pipe and vessel movement and to facilitate indoor truck and float loading. There are 20 state of the art welding stations with capabilities for SMAW, GTAW and GMAW welding.

The weld positioners and large diameter automatic roller systems allow us to efficiently serve the large bore piping needs of our clients. The heated facilities provide our workforce a productive environment in the cold weather.  Our facility is equipped with both general and weld station specific smoke exhaust systems for the workers protection.



Our field forces use 15 fully equipped mobile welding rigs, some of which have air compressors mounted on the deck, and all of the rigs carry a full array of tools normally used in the course of a day.  Our 6 Hydro lifts up to 30 ton and the 90 ton all terrain crane provide most of the day to day lifting and movement of materials.

Combined with our civil equipment and access to other field forces, we can offer a complete package to the clients if they require it.  We offer complete float service, low bed trailers etc.

Our location in Brigden has a lay-down area that is over 22 acres in size and can facilitate our client’s needs.




Our Number 1 priority. Always. 


Quality control

Exceptional process management from scope to delivery. Fully Certified and always updating to industry standards. 



Over 40 years in the business working with some of Canadas largest companies. 


At St. Clair Mechanical, we recognize our obligation to protect the health and safety of our employees, our Clients, and anyone else who may be affected by our activities, as a primary responsibility.  Moreover, we believe that strong safety programs and exemplary safety performance makes good business sense in terms of reduced costs and improved productivity.

In carrying out its primary mission, the HSE Division is committed to seven (7) basic goals:

  1. Provide employees with a safe workplace.
  2. Design and operate shop facilities and job-site activities that are safe, conserve resources, and minimize adverse impacts on public health and the environment.
  3. Procure and use materials that prevent pollution or that minimize wastes, and which can be disposed of properly.
  4. Promptly communicate to affected persons the known hazards of our activities and the related methods necessary for safety and health protection.
  5. Maintain a positive, proactive, and constructive relationship with our neighbors in the local community, representatives from external regulatory agencies and the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Environment, and other stakeholders.
  6. Use available technology, engineered safeguards, and responsible science to mitigate all significant risks arising from its project and work-related activities.
  7. Train and develop staff to meet the commitments to a safe workplace, and minimize adverse impact on public health and the environment

Quality Control

St Clair Mechanical is currently certified to perform shop and field fabrication of ASME B31.1, B31.3 and CSA Z662 piping,  and the repair and alteration of pressure vessels per NBIC and CSA B51. New fabrication of pressure vessels is covered under ASME VIII-I.  Copies of all certifications are available upon request in addition to our QA manual.  

St Clair Mechanical employs only certified and competent individuals within our QA/QC department to satisfy the various needs of our projects and Clients.  Certifications of individuals include CWB I and II, TSSA GPI, API 1169 and CWB Welding supervisors certificates. 

St Clair Mechanical has over 200 certified and registered welding procedures, certified to ASME IX and CSA Z662 and includes such alloys as Inconel, P45 alloys, stainless steels, and high tensile line pipe carbon steels.  St Clair Mechanical performs yearly reviews of each procedure and is constantly striving to stay ahead of industry standards by developing new procedures each year as our Clients welding standards and testing requirements evolve.  

St Clair Mechanical strives to complete all turnover documentation as timely as possible and to the highest level of detail.  We continue to work with our Clients to improve the quality of our turnover documentation and to go above and beyond wherever possible in order to provide the best turnover packages in the industry. 

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2963 Brigden Road Brigden, Ontario N0N 1B0