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Complete EPC and Fabrication Services

St. Clair Mechanical offers complete EPC services to our Clients across Ontario along with complete fabrication service. We have established engineering partners in Ontario and supply fabrication services to their Client base. Current and recent projects range from infrastructure, chemical and power plants, petro-chemical, oil & gas storage and transmission facilities. With our vast experience we can meet all requirements for partial or complete project work.

  • Process piping
  • Compressor Station piping
  • Commissioning Support 
    • Pipeline 
    • Launchers/Receivers
    • Site Access Matting 


    • Modular skids
    • Maintenance Services

    Construction Piping Industry

    SCM’s Clients include the main providers involved in oil and gas production, storage, compressing and the shipping of products in North America. Companies include Pembina, Enbridge, Union Gas, St. Clair Energy and Nova Chemicals.

    Our scope of work would include project management, inspection, both shop and field pipeline fabrication, pipeline installation and the testing of both piping systems and associated equipment. Non-destructive testing and document turnover would complete our scope.

    SCM has highly qualified skilled workers for the field installation of piping systems and equipment for storage facilities.  We also can provide a knowledgeable workforce for the maintenance of these facilities, so as to keep them in efficient operating condition. 

    St. Clair Mechanical can address all of your piping needs. 


    The main shop is a drive through style facility with four overhead cranes: two 10-ton-capacity cranes and two 15-ton-capacity cranes. Weld positioners and large diameter automatic roller systems allow us to efficiently serve the large bore piping needs of our clients. 

    In addition, we have a complete line of carbon and alloy welding procedures. Our fabricating stations include smoke exhaust systems for our employees’ protection. The heated facility includes room for sandblasting and painting.

    St. Clair Mechanicals field forces use fully equipped mobile welding rigs, some of which have air compressors mounted on the deck, and carry an array of tools.

    Our equipment includes:  6 Pitmans rated up to 30 ton and a 90 Ton all terrain crane. 

    Civil work 

    St. Clair has the equipment and personnel that ensure that large and small scale work is done safely and efficiently. Our equipment list includes excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks and rubber tired backhoes. 

    Our preference is to have the civil work done by our group whenever possible. 

    SCM also offers full site access services provided by our extensive inventory of steel plates. 


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