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At St. Clair Mechanical, we're not just equipped for success – we're built for it.

Our team of over 25 skilled civil construction professionals expertly delivers exceptional results through innovation, safety, and quality.

Inventory of Symon forms
Top-of-the-line excavators
Units of steel access matting

Industries Served

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Compressor Stations
  • Metering Stations
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Integrity Digs
  • Facility Construction and Maintenance

Refinery Work

  • Refinery Construction
  • Plant Expansions
  • Equipment Installation
  • Infrastructure Development

Utility Infrastructure

  • Sewer Lines Installation and Maintenance
  • Water Mains and Drainage Systems
  • Electrical Distribution Lines and Substations
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure
  • Fiber Optic Networks
  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Management Systems

Demolition and Site Clearing

  • Removal of Existing Structures
  • Site Preparation for Redevelopment or Repurposing



St. Clair Mechanical excels in providing top-tier excavation services, supported by a comprehensive fleet of civil equipment, including hydrovac trucks, excavators, and live bottoms. With this extensive inventory, we are fully equipped to self-perform all excavation and remediation tasks using our in-house resources. Our expertise and robust equipment fleet allow us to deliver cost-effective solutions, ensuring significant savings and superior results for our valued clients.

  • Site preparation
  • Trenching for pipelines
  • Foundation excavation for compressor stations, metering stations, etc.


St. Clair Mechanical is a leader in forming services, having demonstrated our capabilities on projects such as the recent Enbridge Project, where we handled the forming and pouring of 150 piping and equipment supports, in addition to pouring 10,000 square feet of mud mats. Our extensive inventory of Symon forms enhances our ability to meet diverse forming needs. All tasks are performed by our skilled in-house workforce, ensuring high-quality execution and adherence to stringent safety standards without the need for external crews.

  • Formwork installation for concrete structures
  • Concrete foundation forming for various facilities

Installation of Steel Access Matting

St. Clair Mechanical specializes in the installation of steel access matting, an essential service for maintaining stability and safety on unstable or sensitive ground conditions. Boasting an inventory of 6,000 units, we are well-prepared to meet the demands of any project, particularly in construction, oil and gas, and utilities sectors. Our steel mats not only enhance site safety and efficiency but also protect environmentally sensitive areas during construction activities. Rely on us for dependable and efficient steel access matting solutions.

  • Temporary access solutions for unstable or sensitive ground conditions
  • Protection of environmentally sensitive areas during construction activities

Pipeline Construction and Integrity Digs

St. Clair Mechanical is a trusted provider of pipeline construction services, specializing in the installation and maintenance of pipelines for oil and gas transmission. Our expertise extends to conducting integrity digs, involving careful excavation and inspection to ensure pipeline safety and regulatory compliance. With a focus on delivering high-quality construction and maintenance solutions, we help secure the operational integrity of pipelines, thereby supporting the critical infrastructure of the energy sector.

  • Installation of pipelines for oil and gas transmission
  • Excavation and inspection for integrity digs to ensure pipeline safety and compliance

Site Development

St. Clair Mechanical offers comprehensive site development services, expertly handling the grading and levelling of land to prepare for facility construction. Our capabilities include detailed earthwork and meticulous site preparation, essential for the successful setup of compressor stations, metering stations, and other critical facilities. Leveraging advanced technology and extensive experience, we ensure that each site is optimally prepared to meet the specific needs of our clients, contributing to efficient project timelines and enhanced site safety.

  • Grading and levelling of land for facility construction
  • Earthwork and site preparation for compressor stations, metering stations, and other facilities

Concrete Work

St. Clair Mechanical excels in providing top-tier concrete work services, specializing in the pouring and finishing of concrete foundations for a variety of structures. Our skilled team is also adept at constructing concrete pads that are essential for the stable installation of heavy equipment. By combining precision engineering with high-quality materials, we ensure durable and reliable concrete solutions that support the structural integrity of projects across various industries.

  • Concrete foundation pouring and finishing for various structures
  • Construction of concrete pads for equipment installation

Utility Installation

St. Clair Mechanical specializes in comprehensive utility installation services, crucial for the seamless operation of facility infrastructures. We expertly handle the installation of essential utilities including water, sewer, electrical, and drainage systems. Our services extend to meticulous utility trenching and backfilling, ensuring that all installations are properly secured and function optimally. With our advanced techniques and thorough understanding of industry standards, we provide robust utility solutions that enhance the functionality and sustainability of any project.

  • Installation of utilities such as water, sewer, electrical, and drainage systems
  • Utility trenching and backfilling for facility infrastructure

Environmental Remediation

St. Clair Mechanical is committed to environmental stewardship, offering specialized environmental remediation services. We focus on the cleanup and restoration of contaminated sites to ensure they meet environmental safety standards. Additionally, our team implements effective erosion control measures to protect natural landscapes during construction activities. By employing advanced remediation technologies and sustainable practices, we help mitigate environmental impact and promote the restoration of ecosystems.

  • Cleanup and restoration of contaminated sites
  • Implementation of erosion control measures to protect the environment during construction activities

Equipment & Equipment Capabilities

St. Clair Mechanical’s Civil Division boasts a robust fleet of advanced equipment, expertly handling challenging tasks in site development, road construction, and utility infrastructure while upholding the highest standards of safety, performance, and sustainability.

Our extensive fleet includes:


Our fleet of (10) excavators, equipped with attachments such as buckets, hammers, and augers, provides versatile and precise excavation services for trenches, foundations, and earthmoving tasks of any scale.

Skid Steers

Our (4) skid steers are equipped with versatile attachments for grading, landscaping, and material handling, offering agility and efficiency on any construction site.

Hydrovac Trucks

Our (2) hydrovac trucks use powerful suction and high-pressure water for safe and precise excavation around underground utilities or sensitive infrastructure.


Our fleet of (3) bulldozers excels in pushing, levelling, and grading, making them essential for land clearing, road construction, and site preparation.

Haul Trucks

We operate (4) tri-axle dump trucks and (1) live bottom truck, providing efficient transport of soil, gravel, and construction debris to support project needs.


Our (4) multifunctional backhoes offer comprehensive digging, lifting, and loading capabilities for trenching, landscaping, and utility installations.


Our extensive crane fleet, including (6) Pitman cranes, (4) 80-ton rough terrain (RT) cranes, (1) 90-ton RT crane, and (1) 250-ton all-terrain (AT) cranes, ensures versatile and safe lifting for various project sizes.


Our (4) compactors, including vibratory rollers and pneumatic compactors, provide effective soil compaction for various construction conditions.

Payloader (Front-end Loader)

Our (5) payloaders, from models 914K to 930M, offer material handling efficiency, perfect for loading trucks and clearing sites.

Float Trucks and Trailers

Our fleet of (5) float trucks and over (20) trailers offers seamless transport logistics for heavy and oversized equipment to and from job sites.

Steel Access Matting

We supply (6000) units of steel access matting for stable, temporary access on unstable terrain, crucial for enhancing safety and efficiency in construction and utility sectors.

Our Esteemed Clients

St. Clair Mechanical’s civil division is dedicated to supporting top-tier clients in the oil and gas industry, providing customized services crafted to exceed the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficiency while fueling innovation and progress in critical infrastructure projects.

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