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At St. Clair Mechanical, we’re not just equipped for success – we’re built for it.

Our team of over 75 full-time professionals is committed to excellence in every project, striving to exceed expectations and deliver superior outcomes for every client.

Units of robust steel access matting
Specialized welding rigs
Safeguard demagnetizers

Industries Served

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Pipeline Construction
  • Integrity Digs
  • Inline Inspections
  • Pipeline Commissioning
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Pipeline Decommissioning
  • Cathodic Protection Installation

Petrochemical Industry

  • Construction and Maintenance of Pipelines for Petrochemical Plants and Facilities

Renewable Energy Industry

  • Construction of Pipelines for Transporting Biofuels, Hydrogen, or Other Renewable Energy Sources


Pipeline Construction

From excavating trenches to laying pipeline sections, welding joints, and installing valves and fittings, our team is equipped to handle every aspect of pipeline construction. We prioritize safety and precision to meet project specifications and environmental protection measures while delivering efficient and reliable results.

Integrity Digs

Our division specializes in integrity digs, which involve excavating specific pipeline sections for inspection by Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) companies. We collaborate with NDE specialists to ensure thorough examination for signs of corrosion, damage, or structural weakness. After inspection, we promptly address any identified issues through necessary repairs or reinforcement measures, ensuring the ongoing safety and reliability of the pipeline infrastructure.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our team specializes in conducting routine maintenance activities and addressing client-requested repairs to ensure the ongoing integrity and functionality of pipelines. We promptly address issues such as leaks, corrosion, and mechanical failures, minimizing downtime and preventing potential hazards.

Inline Inspections

Our expertise extends to facilitating inline inspection (ILI) processes. While we don’t directly perform ILI operations, we excel in setup, assistance during the inspection, and post-inspection dismantling. Our skilled team ensures seamless execution of ILI procedures, providing support throughout the setup phase, coordinating with ILI specialists during the inspection, and efficiently dismantling equipment post-inspection. With our meticulous approach, we contribute to the successful completion of inline inspections, enabling the identification of potential pipeline issues and ensuring the integrity of the system.

Hydrostatic Testing

We utilize advanced techniques to pressurize pipelines with water or other test mediums, verifying strength, integrity, and the ability to withstand operating conditions. Our comprehensive testing procedures include leak detection tests, accumulation of test mediums, monitoring ambient conditions, visual leak detection, digital leak detection and dynamic leak repairs as needed, guaranteeing the integrity and reliability of the pipeline system.

Commissioning and Startup

Our team conducts thorough testing and commissioning of pipeline systems, including valves, pumps, control systems, and safety devices. Through operational checks and performance tests, we ensure that the pipeline is fully operational and ready for service, meeting regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Decommissioning and Abandonment

At the end of its operational life, we safely remove pipelines from service, implementing closure plans and regulatory requirements for decommissioning and abandonment activities. Our expert team handles cleaning, purging, dismantling, and site restoration, ensuring the safe and environmentally responsible conclusion of the pipeline’s lifecycle.

Equipment & Equipment Capabilities

St. Clair Mechanical’s Pipeline Division boasts a diverse selection of specialized equipment, including excavators and hydrovac trucks, ensuring precise and efficient pipeline construction while upholding the highest standards of safety and performance.

Our extensive fleet includes:


Our mechanical division boasts a diverse fleet of cranes, including (6) Pitman cranes, (4) 80-ton rough terrain (RT) cranes, (1) 90-ton RT crane, and (1) 250-ton all-terrain (AT) crane, ensuring flexibility for complex lifting tasks across oil and gas and refinery projects.

Welding Rigs

Featuring (25) specialized welding rigs, our fleet supports precise on-site fabrication and repair in oil and gas facilities, enhancing project efficiency and weld quality.

Air Compressors

With (4) tailored air compressors, we support pneumatic needs for mechanical construction in the oil and gas industry, boosting efficiency and productivity.


Our division utilizes (6) demagnetizers to safeguard mechanical systems in oil and gas facilities by eliminating magnetic fields in metal components and equipment.


Our (10) versatile excavators, equipped with a variety of attachments, offer precision in trenching, foundation work, and other earthmoving tasks.

Skid Steers

Our (4) skid steers are armed with multiple attachments, enhancing productivity and agility in grading, landscaping, and material handling on diverse construction sites.

Hydrovac Trucks

Our (2) hydrovac trucks feature powerful suction and high-pressure water systems for precise, safe excavation around sensitive infrastructure.


With (3) robust bulldozers, we excel in land clearing, road construction, and site preparation, ensuring optimal performance across various project scales.

Haul Trucks

Our fleet includes (4) tri-axle dump trucks and (1) live bottom truck, delivering efficient material transport services for diverse construction needs.


Our (4) multifunctional backhoes provide versatile digging, lifting, and loading capabilities, ensuring high performance for trenching, landscaping, and utility installation.


Comprising (4) compactors, our fleet guarantees effective soil compaction, enhancing soil stability for various project conditions.

Payloaders (Front-end Loaders)

Our (5) payloaders, ranging from models 914K to 930M, provide efficient material handling and site clearing on construction sites.

Float Trucks and Trailers

With (5) float trucks and over (20) trailers, we ensure timely transport and seamless logistics for heavy and oversized equipment to and from job sites.

Steel Access Matting

Offering (6000) units of steel access matting, we provide stable temporary access for equipment and personnel on unstable ground, enhancing site safety and efficiency.

Hydraulic High Torque Pumps / Cassettes

Our inventory includes (10) hydraulic high torque pumps and cassettes, essential for securing heavy-duty torque applications across various industries.

RAD Torque Systems / Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & Torque Equipment

With (20) RAD Torque Systems and hydraulic torque wrenches, we ensure precise and efficient bolt tightening for critical infrastructure projects.

Tool Trailers and Hydrotesting Trailer

Our (5) tool trailers are equipped with a wide array of construction and mechanical tools, plus (1) hydrotesting trailer for pipeline and equipment pressure testing.


We possess (3) generators, including two 25KV gensets and one 75KV genset, providing reliable power solutions for uninterrupted operations in challenging environments.

Light Towers

Our (6) light towers are crucial for enhancing visibility and safety during construction, maintenance, and repair activities in low-light conditions.


We offer (6) diverse manlifts, including (3) scissor lifts and (3) articulating boom lifts, facilitating safe and efficient access to elevated work areas in various projects.

Our Esteemed Clients

We take pride in partnering with premier clients, dedicating ourselves to delivering outstanding outcomes that propel success and innovation in pipeline construction and management within the oil and gas industry.

Safety and Environmental Commitment

At St. Clair Mechanical’s Pipeline Division, safety, health, and environmental stewardship form the foundation of our operations. We are committed to a zero-incident environment, ensuring the well-being of our team and the integrity of our assets and surroundings.  

Our Approach includes:

  • Ensuring safety as a core aspect of our culture and daily activities.
  • Holding management accountable for maintaining rigorous safety standards.
  • Preventing injuries through proactive engagement and comprehensive training.
  • Conducting regular safety audits, daily briefings, and maintaining rigorous HSE protocols.

Environment Policy

Our Pipeline Division is devoted to minimizing environmental impact and upholding public health. We achieve this by:

  • Implementing best management practices and exceeding environmental standards.
  • Working closely with clients to develop realistic environmental safeguards.
  • Training staff to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Our dedicated environmental team ensures compliance and leads mitigation efforts throughout project phases, solidifying our leadership in environmental stewardship.

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